Sea Lion - 1 to 3 years or completion of Little Nippers Certificate (max 6 in class) Flotation is used in a way that assists a child to gain independence and mobility during a small part of the lesson. Flotation is reduced as your child progresses. We work on breath control, independence and confidence. Sea Horse - Completion of Little Nippers Certificate to 3 years (max 6 in class) !Flotation is used to encourage independence and mobility and begin working on co-ordination. We decrease the use of flotation as they improve breathe control and co-ordination. We continue to develop their safety skills and propulsion in the water. Guppy - 18 months to 3 years (max 5 in class) Minimal floatation is used and complete independence is developed. Body rotation is introduced and building a healthy respect for the water is the focus. They begin to learn how to dive safely and continue to develop breath control. Water Babies Certificate (max 6 in class) !Our program is designed to assist and develop skills in the water that your child will naturally be using as they develop. We cater to their needs and utilise the reflexes and skills they are developing at the time. We develop eye and hand co-ordination, breathing readiness, breath control and kicking skills.