Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer Make-up lessons?

YES We Do!


If you are unable to attend your lesson for any reason and you let us know at least 2 hours before your regular class time you will qualify for a Make-up lesson at a later time.


You can either submit a Cancel a Lesson form via our website or you can contact us by telephone.


(Please leave a message if it is outside of office hours)


How do I qualify for a Make-Up lesson?

All you have to do is let us know that you will be absent at least 2 hours before your regular class time.


You can either submit a Cancel a Lesson form via our website or you can contact us by telephone.


(You can leave a message if it is outside of office hours)


Do Make-up lessons expire at the end of each term?



Make-up lessons DO NOT expire at the end of each term. They are valid as long as you have a paid-up enrolment at Seal Swim School.


How far in advance can I book a Make-up lesson?

1 week in advance


Is there a limit to the number of Make-up lessons I can use in a term?



There is no limit. You can use as many Make-up lessons during a term as you have available. Just remember that this is subject to the availability of suitable class times. 


We will do our best to accomodate you in this regard.


Can I use Make-up lessons as fee credit?



You CANNOT use Make-up lessons as fee credit.


Make-up lessons are provided as a courtesy and an additional service to our customers.


Can I get a refund if I pull out of lessons?



You must give at least 7 days notice that you will be cancelling your enrolment. 


Please note: Unused make-up lessons cannot be refunded. They can be transferred to another family member or used when you re-enrol at a future time.


Will I be charged if my lesson falls on a public holiday?



Seal Swim School is closed for all National & Victorian Public Holidays. If your class falls on a public holiday you WILL NOT be charged for that lesson


How do I book a Make-up lesson?

You can submit a Make-up Lesson Request form via our website.


We will then contact you with available times.


When do I have to pay the term fees by to receive the discount price?

Prior to the start of the term


Before your first lesson (in the case of a new enrolment)

Do I have to pay for my lesson if I am absent?



All lessons must be paid for.


If you notify us that you will be absent, you will qualify for a Make-up lesson.


Fees Paid In Full / Early Bird Discount

$18.50 per Lesson


Fees must be paid in full BEFORE the beginning of each Term or at the time of initial booking


Paying Off Fees

$20.00 per Lesson


To be eligible to use this method of payment for your fees the following conditions must be met:


3 weeks fees ($60) per child needs to be paid
prior to the first lesson


Fees need to be 2 weeks in advance at all times


Missed classes must still be paid for


Make-Up classes cannot be used as a fee credit


Payment must be at the office on arrival


Available Payment Methods

Over the Counter
(No Charge)
 Via Internet Banking
(No Charge)
Incurs a 1.5%
Credit Surcharge
Incurs a 1.5%
Credit Surcharge

How can I take care of my child’s skin?

We recommend you rinse your child off in the shower after each lesson and apply some sorbolene cream to their skin. 


If your child suffered from severe cases of eczema, barrier cream with natural ingredients is recommended as this will allow the skin to ‘breath’ whilst in the warm water environment. 


When should we NOT attend classes?

If your child has:

      • conjunctivitis
      • slap cheek
      • influenza
      • diarrhoea
      • chicken pox
      • or any symptoms of gastroenteritis


Please consult your doctor if you are unsure as to how long after the illness they should wait before attending swimming lessons again. 


What sort of bathers does my child need to wear swimming?

Infants and toddlers are required to wear aqua nappies. (re-usable or disposable)


They need to be snug fitting around legs and stomach areas to stop any accidents from entering the pool. You can purchase these at reception. 


Older children should wear comfortable swimwear that allows them to move freely.


Are goggles compulsory?

We recommend your child learns to swim without goggles. This is so they do not become reliant on them.


If your child has a real fear of putting their face in the water, goggles would be useful until they gain their confidence. Our aim would be not to use them for their whole lesson.


Why wear a rash shirt?

During parent/child classes we require each parent to wear a rash shirt rather than a T-shirt. This ensures the pool water is kept clean by keeping lint to a minimum (with the exception to clothing swim week).


A rash shirt also aids the process of your child learning to swim.


A child learns very early the grasp action using their finer motor skills and as a safety precaution we like to utilise this reflex action in swimming. As your child begins to relax while submerging you will find it very useful to allow your child to grasp on to your rash shirt rather than you picking them up.


Keep in mind this is a gradual process and in no way should you wait for your child to grasp on to you unless they were comfortable in submerging.