Like all businesses, in order to be open, Seal Swim School is required to implement COVID Safe regulations as set out by the Victorian Government, DHHS and Work Safe Australia.

We are confident all families attending our centre will be happy to comply with the following requirements that need to be met for anyone entering our facility:


Health & Hand Hygiene – Please use the hand sanitiser provided inside the main gate prior to entering the office. This is an automatic dispenser so you just need to place your hands beneath it and then rub your hands together.

There are 3 more dispensers inside our facility: In the office, outside the main change rooms and also outside of the single change room located in the far side of pool area.

Soap dispensers are also located in all change rooms. Please make sure your children are washing and drying their hands thoroughly after using the toilets.

You will notice there will be a staff member on deck who will be constantly cleaning to ensure that our facility is super clean to protect all attending our facility.


PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND our facility if you are unwell or have any cold or flu symptoms


PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND our facility if you have tested positive to COVID-19 or are a close contact of someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 14 days


PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND our facility if you have been overseas or in a hot spot in the last 14 days


Social Distancing – Please keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others where possible. Please do not move the chairs.


Masks – Masks are recommended at indoor venues in Victoria where social distancing is not possible.
A mask MUST be worn when in the office or pool area. It is also recommended that you carry a mask with you at all times. 


Attendance – Everyone needs to check in at Reception. If someone other then the legal parent/guardian is escorting your child to lessons they need to inform our receptionist of this and provide their name and contact details.


Density Limits – We are also restricted by the 1 person per 4 square metre rule on deck at any one time. Because of this there will be limited seating on the pool deck.

So others can sit while observing please do not leave your bags on the chairs while you are in the water with your child. There are hooks located on both sides of the pool area, above the chairs for you to hang your belonging.


Due to the number restrictions we need to implement the following:

Only 1 parent/career per child to attend the facility unless it is ABSOLUTELY essential for a second person to attend. Any extra person will only be allowed to enter once a count of those in the pool and on deck has been done and only if we are still within our legal limit allowed

Please do not enter the facility any earlier then 5 minutes BEFORE your actual class time

Please come dressed and ready for your lesson – Change rooms can only be used for toilet use and for a quick rinse off AFTER your lesson and only if absolutely necessary. This is to avoid unnecessary crowding.

Please do not take prams into the change rooms


Makeup Lessons

We will still be offering makeups but please remember they are subject to availability, are not guaranteed and can only be booked 1 week in advance.

Where possible, please call on the actual day you would like to do a makeup OR you can submit a makeup request prior to the day through the website along with your day/time preferences.

We will do our best to get you what you need.


Narelle & the

Seal Swim Team